Vincent Finat-Duclos

"People use statistics as a drunken man uses lamp posts - for support rather than illumination."

Andrew Lang

Data analysis and visualisation


A collection of mostly "interactive" projects I have developped either by personal interest or for work purpose.

Global warming?

a visualisation of NASA data on Earth average surface temperatures since 1880

Visual dashboard

Dashboard of responses to the OECD Better Life Index for the most representative countries

Waves of well-being

A visualisation of the topics that have been ranked first by users of the OECD Better Life Index

A story of nuclear

A story of nuclear testing around the world. It provides the user with detailed figures as well as an historic perspectives

Trees of Paris

A view on when and where the trees of Paris have been planted. Discover the huge variety of trees there is in Paris

New-York vs Paris

A comparison of the population of the 2 cities overtime

How was Life?

A view of the evolution of key well-being indicators between 1820 and now

French election

Observe the results of the 2014 French municipal election city by city for the 2 rounds

Bon Camino

Follow Jean-Christophe Rufin on the road to Saint-Jacques de Compostelle (based on his book "Immortelle Randonnée")

What makes a team?

A com' project predicting who will win according to the preferences set by users of the OECD Better Life Index

On GDP per capita

A look at the evolution of GDP per capita after the 2008 economic crisis

France population

See the evolution of the French population by "département" from 1962 to 2011

Protected areas

What are the protected areas in Sweden and how have they evolved?

Better Life map

Visualise the preferences of users of the OECD Better Life Index around the world

Sea, surf and sun

The top 50 surf spots in the world visualised (according to CNN)

Green taxes

Revenue from environmentally related taxes in Colombia

ZIP la France

Every French zipcode visualized based on a similar work by Benjamin Widerkehr

Cost of air pollution

Number of death and related cost due to air pollution

Voronoi scatter plot

Based on work by Nadieh Bremer, a scatter plot with voronoï grid for easier mouseover

France density

See the evolution of the French density by "département" from 1962 to 2011


Some projects that have raised my interest either because of their concept, their realisation or their aesthetic
Jenni Sparks is a talented designer who has "hand"-dawn a few city maps. The level of details in the maps is incredible and the reseach involved must have been tremendous.
Todd Schneider has created appealing maps of all New-York taxi drop offs and pickups between 2009-2015.
Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec have data "hand"-coded their life for a year by sending each other one postcard a week on a different thematic.
A Visual Exploration of 75 Additives & 25 Food Products is an unprecedented visual exploration of what is really inside our food. I link it to another book I have discovered and enjoyed a lot : Le nez du vin
Nathan Yau from Flowing Data experimented brewing its own beer with proportions following variously chosen statistics. Definitely geeky but probably lots of fun.
Digital Scholarship Lab of the University of Richmond has created an interactive atlas of the United States history: American Panorama - definitely worth a look
Moovellab has created those maps displaying all the roads leading to a city. Obviously their first city of choice has been Roma
Designer Nicholas Felton has played with the data from his cousin's vineyard to produce wine labels. It strikes me as a great innovation for wine "connaisseurs" as it could help determining when is the best time to open your wine.


Me FAQ Miscellaneous

Detail-oriented, high-energy project manager specialized in data analysis and data visualisation.
I have also strong abilities to find new ideas and concepts as well as to develop and implement digital strategies.
Entrepreneur in the free time, lots of companies in the box. One might well succeed at some point.

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What is it with digital?
I'm born in the early 80s, grew up with GameBoys all around me to end up with a GameGear. I have witnessed the birth and the growth of the Internet, its expanding importance in our daily life. I have seen the raise of the mobile technology, resistant at first, I have become an addict and rejoyce about the opportunity it is bringing.
About dataviz...
Is there a need for data visualisation?
We're living in a world which is getting more and more complex, with more and more interactions, more and more events, more and more everything. To understand it, good analysis are needed with insightful information. Data visualisation is one of the many tools that can help you getting a better understanding.
When did you become interested in it?
In my little room in Antwerp, playing with the R visualisation functionnalities, I was dreaming of organising an exhibit presenting visualisation of environment models to help people understand the danger of global warming.

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Flowing Data
Nathan Yau
The Visual Display of Quantitative Information
Edward Tufte
The Functional Art: An Introduction to Information Graphics
Alberto Cairo
The Grammar of Graphics
Wilkinson, Leland
thinking with type
Ellen Lupton

The D3.js library page to produce online charts
Mike Bostock list of examples using the d3.js library
The web application of the processing language
Whenever you need a good colour palette for your dataviz
There's much more to R than ggplot2 R but when it comes to charting data, this package is a reference

Funeral - Despite the title, a record to smile all day long
Solo Piano - listen and relax
II - I need to work, what can i listen to?

Entypo+ carefully crafted the icons found on this website.

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